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Featured Customers

The work Lugoj Incorporated has performed for a number of companies was a vital contribution to their success. We have contributed to the success of others and can do the same for you.

InterWorking Labs

For InterWorking Labs we extended their Maxwell product line to include several hundred impairments to TCP headers, TCP connection setup and close sequences, IPv4 headers, IPv6 headers, DHCP (v4 and v6) packets, and ICMP (v4 and v6) packets. All work for IWL has been on fixed-bid and fixed-time contracts.


SchoRen NMS Solutions

For SchoRen we were called on to help correct issues with their TrapServer product and also implement an extension called AreaViewer for displaying network element alarm status on series of layered maps. All work for SchoRen has been on fixed-bid and fixed-time contracts.


The OASys Group

For The OASys Group we stepped in to take over development for a CMIP/GDMO agent when a previous developer gave up on the project. As a result of our successful delivery, OASys Group was able to deliver its TL1-to-CMIP/GDMO mediation product in time to a major customer. This insured its position as a dependable vendor in the telecom management space. Shortly afterward it was acquired by the network equipment company Cabletron.


Badger Technology

For Badger Technology we were brought in to advise management on TMN and related network management issues. Management realized some of their traditional products were nearing the end of their market life, so they were trying to determine which field of the network management market to focus their development effort. As a result of that work, Badger engaged us to design and develop the core software for a new remote site network management and mediation product, known then as the Data Acquisition Device.

This device eventually proved so successful in the market that Applied Innovation bought many of the assets of Badger in order to acquire that product.