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PyModerator is used to moderate Usenet newsgroups. It is written in Python, a high level scripting language. Python has been ported to many different operating systems, so PyModerator can run on any system that can run Python and the Python GUI module Tkinter. This includes most Unix systems, most Microsoft Windows systems, and the Apple Macintosh. It has not been tested on any Macintosh system though.

A single moderator (solo moderation) or a group of cooperating moderators (co-moderation) may use PyModerator to moderate one or more newsgroups. While it can be used very effectively to solo moderate, many of its features were specifically designed to aid co-moderation.

To give you an idea of what the PyModerator GUI looks like, click on the thumbnail on the left.
(The file is about in size).


Clicking on this thumbnail shows a snapshot of a main window while editing a rejection template.
(The snapshot is about in size).

Existing Users

The following Usenet newsgroups are moderated with PyModerator.


PyModerator is copyrighted but offered free of charge. The copyright notices serves to give credit where credit is due. Others are free to edit it as they please and may add their own names to the copyright, but are asked to maintain the names of others on the copyright so long as the notices appear to remain valid. If in doubt, contact us at Lugoj@Lugoj.com.

Online: PyModerator 0.3 User's Guide (about ).
Adobe PDF version:
PyModerator0_3UsersGuide.pdf (about ).


To run PyModerator on your computer you will need to install the Python interpreter (if you do not already have it installed) and also the PyModerator source code. To download and install the needed PyModerator source code for client and server, click on:

PyModerator0_3_1.zip (about )

Then unzip the file into a folder or directory of your choosing. On Microsoft Windows, PyModerator does not use an Install Shield and therefore no entry is made in the registry. You uninstall simply by deleting the PyModerator folder.

To run PyModerator you will also need Python (any version greater than or equal to 1.5.2) along with the Tkinter module. Tkinter in turn requires Tcl/Tk. Depending on which platform you intend to run PyModerator on, your job may be simple or hard. Read on....

  • MS Windows: Fortunately, the standard Python installation executable for 1.5.2 and later versions comes packaged with Tkinter and Tcl/Tk So you only need to install Python for Windows.

  • Linux: Most Linux releases now include Python, Tkinter, and Tcl/Tk. Otherwise, you will need to download the source for Python, Tcl/Tk, and go through configuration and compilation. Make sure to compile in Tkinter since it may not be automatically be included in the standard set of modules.

  • All Others: We are afraid you are on somewhat on your own. We will try to assist if you run into any problems, but you get what you pay for. Try the comp.lang.python newsgroup for Python specific installation problems and questions. Also Python has been installed on quite a number of platforms, so check the Python web site for more information. Downloads for many platforms may be found at http://www.python.org/download/.