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Usenet news groups predate the World Wide Web - in fact they predate the Internet itself! Even after the explosive growth of the Internet, Usenet groups are still going strong. Lugoj feels that these discussion groups, particularly the moderated ones, can be of great public value. Therefore, as a public service, Lugoj has volunteered to sponsor two categories of discussion groups and has created free open source software, PyModerator, to moderate them.

Sponsor of Worldwide Usenet Business Discussion Groups

Small companies too often struggle alone, unable to find mentors or peers who might be able to provide help or guidance. As a small company we sympathize, and wanted to do something to help other small business connect with mentors, peers, and interested parties world-wide. To that end, we are sponsoring the moderation of Usenet news business discussion groups. These discussion groups are devoid of spam, off topic postings, and flame wars. We are supplying the software, central moderation computer system, and co-moderation time for the following four business groups:

Access to Usenet news groups is often available via your Internet Service Provider. If they do not support Usenet feeds, you may access the groups by way of Google.com Groups at one of the following links:


Sponsor of the Worldwide Usenet Nanotechnology Discussion Group

Lugoj is active in helping advance nanotechnology and this interest explains why one focus of our corporation is on numerical modeling of physical systems. We also sponsor the Usenet news discussion group sci.nanotech. As with the business newsgroup, we are supplying the software, the central moderation computer system, and occasional co-moderation time. If access to the Usenet newsgroup is not available via your Internet Service Provider, then you should be able to get access via Google.com via the link http://groups.google.com/groups?group=sci.nanotech